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Cultural Tours

Making Fire by the Hadzabe

It is a rewarding experience to leave the safari-car behind and climb the mountains of the agricultural tribes of northern Tanzania to see how coffee is grown by subsistence farmers or to walk across the plains to explore the rich traditions of the pastoral tribes whose culture is closely linked to nature and wildlife.

Still the visitor can follow the drumbeats and let the tribal dancers of southern Tanzania interpret the music and performances the tribes have inherited from their ancestors, or just go to the coast to sense the history of the Swahili people of coastal Tanzania.

And for the visitors who want to meet fishermen, cultivators, local minors, wildlife scouts, rainmakers and story-tellers, the land between Serengeti and Lake Victoria is the place

to be.

Eco-Tourism Experience: More increasingly our guests have been asking us for a true genuine African experience vacation. An African experience that is run by indigenous people of Africa in an environment where your stay is at accommodations built by indigenous people of Africa, and where the revenue from your spending actually and directly assists the indigenous population to be self-sufficient and self-reliant. Apart from visiting the Maasai homesteads, take for example the experience at Chumbe Island where the accommodation has been designed using natural material. Food served comes from the freshest produces. Guests staying there have the opportunity to enjoy the offerings such as snorkeling and also learning about the lodge’s effort in preserving and sustaining the islands ecosystem and its inhabitants.

Come Visit Tanzania And Experience What The Country Is Doing To Preserve The Environment While On The Other Hand Creating Superb Tourism Opportunities For You.

Rock Paintings in Kondoa Irangi

Rock Paintings in Kondoa Irangi

Come To Tanzania And Experience History As It Is Unfolded.

Cultural Experience: Tanzania’s varying tribes and cultures provides an excellent opportunity for guests to encounter other ways of life, rites and rituals. Guests visiting various parts of the country such as the Usambara Mountains can take a tour of the local communities or can visit Zanzibar and interact with the Zanzibaris partaking in their day-to-day activities. Also, in Zanzibar guests have the opportunity to undertake spices tours, which will liven the human senses with sweet smelling aromas of the various plants used in our food today.

Visiting Tanzania Definitely Adds A Whole New Perspective To The Human Experience.

There is more in the cultural tourism programs of Tanzania!

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